The overall #1 rope of choice for the professional team roper

Fiber production technology
proven, tried and tested since 1987

Made from the same poly fibers that the Money Maker (the first ever poly nylon blended rope) is made from.

For the Header

The weighted tip guides the loop to the target. Body keeps the loop wide open from delivery to target. This weighted loop lets you reach with accuracy.

For the Heeler

No other rope has more bottom-strand weight to bring the loop to the ground in front of the feet. Loop body holds up in front of the feet and creates a big, wide gate above this bottom weighted strand on the ground. The weighted tip guides the loop to target. Great for rodeo shots or for roping big cattle with big, wide hops.

Strong in Tough Conditions

Weight gives aid and advantage in outdoor/windy conditions.

Powerline Lite Specifications

The Powerline4® Lite combines four-strand construction with the feel and handle of the original MoneyMaker®. It consists of four strands of twisted nylon and polyester filament wound around a CoreTech nylon core. This increases the rope's body and widens the loop, allowing you to throw with more accuracy and control. Plus, its smooth surface permits faster feeds.


30' Head 35' Heel
XX Soft / X Soft / Soft / Medium Soft Medium Soft / Medium / Hard Medium / Medium Hard
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